Starting place to overhaul your finances

Everyone’s finances are different. To some what you live on may be a luxury, to others it could be much less.

However all that matters in the whole equation is you.

If all you want is a simple life without too many treats, you can get by with less. If you love your holidays or meals out, your outgoings are going to be higher as expected.

Its all about striking the right balance for you and your family.

For us it was about overhauling our outgoings and boosting our income. Ready to build a nest egg so we can start taking chunks out of our mortgage so we can become mortgage free.

This is where we started.

We had our goal to reach and the target this needed to focus on.

To do this you need a list (you will soon discover my love of lists and excel workbooks through this site!). On this list you need to be honest, what is your income? What is your outgoings? This is your starting point.

For some it may be scary, daunting in fact if you have debt included in this. You may even be thinking, I can’t do this.

Trust me, if I can you can.

From this you can then look to do some of the following:

  • Cut the outgoings that are not necessary – I’m not talking stripping it all back but I will go through my top tips for saving money on your utilities and TV package for example in a post shortly.
  • Look at easy ways to boost income – This can be easy things like cashback sites when buying online to free apps to earn money. Again I will go through these all in individual posts so you can see how this is done.
  • Aim to boost your income – In the coming weeks and months I will talk you through the basic ways to increase your income starting with the super easy, guaranteed income to the ones that need a little bit more effort.

In the coming posts I will be sharing the things that have worked for me and also the things I may not have had such luck with.

Of course everyone has different successes with working from home. So make sure that you go into everything with an open mind and do your research before starting something new.



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