June 2017 goals

A new month always feels like a new chapter in a book to me. The first of June is no different and I have big plans for the rest of the year.

However before we can set the goals for June, lets have a look at how I did on my May goals:

  • Earn £1000 – Nope didn’t make this! I was just over half way there.
  • Get this site up and running – The site is up and running, with posts coming out of it slowly so I’m going to say I did this one!
  • Reach 100 likes on all social media – No where close! I reached it on Twitter but short on everything else. Still time to go give us a like…. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram 😀
  • Stick to our food budget and reduce it – Well we managed to reduce it by £80 on the previous month but still almost £200 over budget. Part of this came from a Costco trip however we do have a lot of food frozen for the next month so not all bad. The other downfall was takeaways. With a stressful month, it was our lazy ways kicking in.

So all in all May goals were a disaster, as was May to be honest. It seems one thing after another went wrong and we never got a break.

June is a new month though and time to get going again. There is no excuses, nothing to hide behind.

Here are my goals for June:
  1. Earn £2000 – I know, I know. I didn’t even make my goal last month and this month I double it. I will be doing a full post on this over the weekend but I’m in the mood to smash it this month!
  2. Hit 100 social media likes – I was so bad at this last month however this month again I intend to smash it.
  3. Sort out our food budget – Seriously annoyed at myself for last months failings so this month I will stick to it.
  4. Broaden my earning streams – I earn from various different ways, this month though I want to broaden those and be successful at them.

So June is going to be an interesting month, there are some scary goals in there but after the knockdown of May, I’m ready to get going in June and make it a knockout month for us.

June 2017 Goals

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