Saving £24k in 12 months

Last week I woke up in a positive mood. After a tough month I woke up and thought, something has to change.

There and then I decided to stop flapping around and just knuckle down. My goal was a clear one too.

In 12 months time I want to have saved, haggled and earned £24,000 on top of my salary.

This will be put towards our extension and should cover everything that we need for it and hopefully a bit spare.

Now I know £24k is a huge task. I’ve broken it down to make it seem a bit more manageable.

  • £2k a month
  • £66.66 a day
  • £5.55 a hour based on a 12 hour day

This is me working an additional 12 hours a day round work, 7 days a week.

Now I know and you will probably know this is impossible to work this many hours and still function properly. However this is just a numbers game.

There will be days where I can sell a few bits on eBay for example and make £100. For hardly any time at all and smashing the target for the day. Then there will be days when I earn £30 from matched betting or more from a blog post.

Working in finance though I like to see goals in a figure, so I know what I need to be looking to reach my target. It is also great to be able to tick off targets, be it every £100 or £500.

So how am I planning to make this money?

Honestly, from any side hustle there is going! I am going to work out the best way to attack the target each month dependent on the time I have to give to it. For me, its not worth my time spending an hour doing a few surveys for a few pound when I could make £10-£15 in the same time from trading.

My plan of action is:
  1. Ebay – If we don’t need it or its not been used in a long time then it is going! Over the coming months I am going to declutter and boost the coffers with this money.
  2. Blog work – This is my 2nd blog and really over the years I’ve made money but nothing life changing. In the coming months I’m going to work hard on affiliate marketing and try to boost this across both blogs
  3. Matched betting – I’ve gone off the boil on matched betting lately but I am planning to throw myself back into this in the coming weeks.
  4. Trading – I discovered trading a few months ago, thought I knew what I was doing. Started to run before I could walk and lost money. It scared me to start again however lately I’ve been giving it a go and making a nice little amount each day so this is up there as a good way for me to earn money.
  5. Surveys – This I’ve found doesn’t make a fortune of money but it does have a nice little amount for something I can slot in around other things.
  6. Cashback – If you’ve read this site before you will know I love cashback and this is an easy way to get money back on purchases we were going to make anyway.
  7. Scentsy – I’ve just signed up to be an independent Scentsy consultant, so I’d like to get this off the ground and get this bringing in some side money. If you’d like to join my Scentsy group and see what goodies I have head over to my Facebook group now.

I’m sure there is lots more ways to make money or save money which I will be discovering as I go along and each month I’ll report back on how I’ve got on. This makes me accountable too for keeping to it!!

Wish me luck!

Saving 24k in 12 months




  1. This is an inspiring post and at first I thought there is no way I could do that but then reading your post and how you intend to make the money sounds doable – apart from the trading as that scares me 😂

  2. Tyrone

    I have a question regarding point 4 on how you intend to make money – you say Trading (I’m assuming you mean stock and shares/currency) could you perhaps tell me what platform it is you use to do this?

    1. Paula

      Hi, by trading I am talking about trading on the horses. So I will be using Betfair exchange to back and lay horses for hopefully a good profit. I use a software called Geek Toy, for more information on this I would watch/read Caan Berry, he has a blog and a youtube channel which explains it in more detail much better than I ever could! Hope that helps 🙂

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