July 2017 goals

Another month has passed and we are over half way through the year. Time for July goals when it feels like I only just wrote out June’s.

Firstly I like to recap on the previous month and see how I got on.

Before I even look at them I know last month was a bit of a write off. Not long into last month my laptop completely died and ended up spending 2 weeks at Acer getting repaired. As most of the things I do are online, it was a nightmare.

However it still has to be evaluated….
  1. Earn £2000 – So far off this, never even got going in June!
  2. Hit 100 social media likes – Thank you to our giveaway we are over 100 on all our platforms!
  3. Sort out our food budget – Getting more and more under control so very happy with this!
  4. Broaden my earning streams – Again due to the laptop issue, never even got anywhere.

As frustrating as June was, I am trying to remain positive.

It’s a new month after all and a fresh start in my eyes. So what is on the goals for July?

July goals
  1. Publish 2 posts a week – I have so many ideas for posts I want to share with you. If I can get organized I will get these in a weekly schedule to publish.
  2. Earn £2000 – This month I am determined to smash this one. I have to get more focused this month and plan better.
  3. Send out our first newsletter – I don’t want to spam my readers with newsletters so I am thinking of just doing a monthly round up newsletter on whats going on.
  4. Look at other earning streams – I plan on looking at multiple ways to make money this month as I failed at it last month. Here’s to hoping I find some great ways to make extra cash.

So there are my July goals. Nothing to extravagant (apart from the earning part!) but time for me to get focused and get organized.

If you have set yourself some goals for July I’d love for you to share them in the comments below, or leave a link to your post for me to pop over and have a read!

July 2017 goal



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