Making money from Matched Betting

Today I want to talk to you about a topic which I tell everyone who wants to make extra money about, matched betting.

Now before we start I am not encouraging you to gamble. This is all about risk free ways to make money using the offers that you can get from bookies.

Matched Bets is a great site for talking you through all the offers that come up and how to make the most out of your money.

If you are new to matched betting thought, let me give you a bit more details on how it all works.

The whole purpose of this is to keep your risks to a minimal and make the most of the offers that you can get from a bookie. Let me run you through an example:

Ladbrokes – Bet £20 and get a free £20 bet.

So the first step would be to place your bet on Ladbrokes, for example Luton to win their game. I would place what is called a back bet on the bookies for the amount in the offer. So I would head there place £20 on Luton to win. That will be you finished at Ladbrokes for the time being.

Then you would use an exchange to place what is called a lay bet against this. So in my exchange (I personally prefer Smarkets) I would bet against Luton winning. You use a special calculator to work out how much needs to be put on this, you will find this at Matched Bets.

With both of these bets on you will make a small loss, probably around the 50p mark if the odds are good.

Once both bets have been settled you get a free £20 bet from Ladbrokes. You use a calculator again to work out the lay odds again and as it is a free bet you will make your money from this. So most free bets should get you about 80% back of the bet amount. In this example I would expect to make around £16. Taking off your original loss of 50p, you will have made £15.50 out of this offer.

Matched Bets explains it better!

Now I’ve only briefly explained it however if you would like to learn more about it Matched Bets does a far better job at explaining it than me! What’s more they will give you a free trial of their site to be able to try out a few offers and you should make about £50 from these offers.
What is more exciting though with the new football season kicking off today, you can also get a 7 day trial for just £1 however be quick though, it ends on the 15th August.

Over the 18 months period I was matched betting I managed to turn £130 into £4500 part time. There is so much potential to earn more than that and if you are quick, you may even be able to secure yourself a nice little bank before the kids go back to school!

If you do sign up an would like any help, just get in touch. Either via email on the contact from or leave me a comment below.

Making money matched betting

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