Saving Money

Here at Savvy Squirrel HQ we haven’t always been clever with money.

In fact we were terrible to begin with. It was a case of kids in a sweet shop when it came to our salary. The moment we had it, we had spent it.

By some miracle we got onto the property market just before it crashed and all 125% mortgages got scrapped with our mortgage going through Northern Rock before their collapse. Then along came the kids and our reality of trying to sort our finances.

I wont lie, we still weren’t much better.

Then last year our circumstances changed. We dropped from 2 salaries down to trying to survive on 1 without much of a warning.

Not planned and most certainly not what we would have chosen however it was our sink or swim moment.

A light bulb came on, survival kicked in.

I like a challenge, I like to be told I can’t do something. It spurs me on to succeed, just so I have a pleasure of saying I told you so.  The thought of surviving on 1 salary scared me, how would we cope? What we do if we needed cash?

Here we are 12 months on, still surviving on 1 salary.

Doing good. Actually doing better than good, doing great. I boost our income as much as possible, this combined with our cost of living being cut has shown we can cope with much less money than we ever thought we could.

We’ve learn’t the true meaning of cash, an appreciation for what we have earned and what we have.

I’ve also learn’t lots of nifty tricks to save money along the way. From meal planning to budget preparation, I will be sharing it all with you in the coming weeks and months.

For inspiration to get you started click the little saving money tab at the top of the page or click this link.

Saving money


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