5 Easy ways to keep gaming on a budget

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As a gamer, it can be an expensive hobby but did you know it is possible to be gaming on a budget?

With the costs of games rising across the board, it can be difficult to keep up to date with the latest releases but that doesn’t mean that you need to miss out on your gaming fun. It may just mean you need to be a little savvier in how you are able to play your favourite games.

Here are my top tips for being able to game whilst still on a budget.

Make the most of the deals –

There are always deals that are coming up on games and it is about making sure you get the best of those.

For example, if you are looking to purchase a particular game, make sure you take the time to look around to find the best deals. Also, don’t forget to use your cashback sites to get some money back!

Trade in your games –

If you are looking to upgrade a game such as Fifa or GT, make sure you look at the game stores to see if any are offering a deal for trading in the current game. Many stores will offer you a bonus discount if you are trading in a game and then purchasing the next.

This is also a great way to get yourself some credit if you have games sitting in the cupboard no longer being used. There is also the option to use places like Music Magpie or even eBay to get a better price for these games.

5 Easy ways to keep gaming on a budget

Play online games for free –

If you are a fan of classic gaming, check out great sites like Calculators.org have a huge selection of online board games that are free to play online. So whether you are a fan of chess or more of a Minesweeper fan, there is something for everyone on there.

One thing that I love is that all these games are free and with a variety to pick from, you can’t get bored!

Check out places such as Steam –

All the gamers I know love Steam, it is basically an online store to find and download games which they live in your library for you to download whenever you want. So if you are clearing up your PC and removing games you no longer want to play and then find a few months/years down the line you do want to play it, you can simply download it again.

There are also usually some great deals to be had on there as they offer up some great discounts but also free to download games from time to time.

Make sure you are signed up for their newsletter and following on social media to make sure you are not missing out on deals.

5 Easy ways to keep gaming on a budget

Make sure you check out your subscriptions –

If you play a game such as World of Warcraft or Fortnite, make sure you check out your subscriptions on the games. If you are not playing it regularly, it is worth cancelling your subscriptions to save you a little money.

For example, our son had the subscription on Fornite to their battle pass, however, he was not playing it on a regular basis so we cancelled this and just brought the battle pass when he was back into playing it rather than using the sub.

This also works the other way though, if you are continually playing a game and paying a monthly subscription, you may get a better deal by buying a longer subscription. Check out what offers they have out there.

I hope this gives you some ideas on how to continue enjoying yourself whilst gaming on a budget without feeling like you are going to be missing out on your hobby.

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