5 Ideas To Entertain The Kids At Home With Minimal Spend

The holidays are fast approaching and for many of us, there are no funds in the budget for a trip away or lots of day trips. I have found that as the kids have gotten older, things have become more expensive, with things like a zoo or theme park trip costing over £100 for just entry, before anything else.

So I have compiled a list of ways to entertain the kids at home, with minimal spending, but allowing you all to have a fantastic time simultaneously!

5 Ideas To Entertain The Kids At Home With Minimal Spend

Get creative in the kitchen –

We love to bake in our house and it is a pretty cheap option to entertain them too.

Recipes do not need to be complicated either, with options of things such as fairy cakes or cookies taking just a few minutes to prepare and then popping in the oven to bake. If you wanted to spread the time out a little, how about decorating your cookies or cakes?

Baking also works out great for a treat later in the day or week too, without the need to pop to the shop!

Home movie day –

Cinema trips can be expensive, but you can do your own movie trip at home for a fraction of the price.

Whether you have things such as sky cinema or a streaming service, one monthly subscription is cheaper than one cinema ticket. Then you can get your own treats in should you wish, or maybe use the baking treats as your cinema snacks!

Draw the curtains, get comfy and stick on a movie for you all to enjoy, without having to leave the house.

5 Ideas To Entertain The Kids At Home With Minimal Spend

Get out in the garden –

With the warmer weather on the way hopefully, how about getting out in the garden?

Investing in a few fun games for the garden will give you hours’ worth of fun and will allow everyone time to get some fresh air. We have a variety of things in our garden to play with such as footballs, tennis rackets and throwing games.

If the weather is nice, it also means you can have a picnic outside or even a BBQ if you have the bits for it.

Just spending time as a family outdoors, away from the technology, gives everyone time to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Camp in your garden –

I would love to take the kids camping, however, with 2 dogs and everything that goes with it, we have not managed to do that yet.

Now that we have transformed our garden, I plan to get the kids camping outside this summer!

Whether you own a tent or need to borrow one, giving them the chance to experience something a little different will be fun for them. Whether they make it the whole night though remains to be seen.

5 Ideas To Entertain The Kids At Home With Minimal Spend

Board game day –

Most of us have a board game or two, it seems to be the thing that kids were brought as they were growing up. This is a great way to entertain the kids throughout the holidays and the wetter months.

If you have children that are a bit more competitive, why not play the best of 3, letting everyone pick their favourite games.

Board games are not particularly expensive and always tend to come up on offer throughout the year, so worth keeping your eye out to pick up a bargain.

Don’t let social media lure you into feeling as though you need to spend a fortune on days out and trips. If your budget doesn’t allow it, that is ok too. Memories are not made by how much you spend, they are made by what you do and this can be just as special as creating these at home.

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