Being healthy doesn’t need to cost a fortune

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One thing I have noticed recently with everything going on is just how much it costs to be healthy!

From fresh ingredients to health supplements, the market is flooded with so many items and lots of them are not cheap. However, if you are on a health kick, is there a way to get healthy without blowing the budget?

The first thing to do is to asses whether you have an underlying health issue which could be affecting your weight. Personally I suffer from IBS as well as being dairy intolerant, this makes it expensive. The problem I did have to begin with though was the fact I was unaware of both issues. I just assumed my bloating and upset tummy was due to eating too much crap! Once you have figured this out, it makes being a little healthier, a lot easier! If you are an American reader and have a few concerns about your health, our friends over at Health Labs are offering you 15% off their nutrition tests, simply follow the link here to claim your discount.

Now you have your health in check, you can start to look after yourself from the inside out without spending a fortune on things you just don’t need.

Here are my top tips on getting back to feeling your best without the cost!

1) Drink lots of water – Bonus as this one is pretty cheap! I am not a fan of bottled water, why pay when it is pretty much free (minus my water bill monthly!). Water not only keeps you hydrated and helps your skin look amazing, but it is also a great way to flush your inside out too! If you find the thought of drinking 2 litres of water a day a bit overwhelming, split it into smaller amounts throughout the day.

2) Sleep – It is a well-known fact that getting plenty of sleep is great for your mind and body. Try to get yourself into the simple routine of closing off from work, electronics etc before bed so you are ready to switch off for the night. Otherwise, you may find your mind wandering throughout the night.

3) Get moving – You don’t need to sign up for a gym membership, go out for a walk or run or find a free online fitness video to follow. It is hard at times to get motivated but turn up the music, zone out and get moving. I am always thankful after I have done my work out, even if I am hurting or I didn’t really want to do it!

4) Get your fruit and veg count up – Eating healthy is not always the healthiest choice these days, however, the supermarkets are all bidding for our money now with their offers. Since Aldi offered deals on their fruit and veg, many others have followed. Stock up and eat throughout the day, even if you have to change what you are having weekly due to the offers. The nutrients from a balanced diet should mean there is no need for costly added vitamins and supplements.

None of these happened overnight for me. In fact even 6 weeks into getting healthy I still find it hard to get motivated some days. I just remind myself of how sluggish I feel after not having a great day and that tends to motivate me to keep going!

Being healthy doesn't need to cost a fortune

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