How to save money on Christmas gifts

Even on our debt-free journey, we still celebrate things such as Christmas gifts and nice food. However, we have learnt over the last few months how to do things a little savvier.

After all, we are not giving up living whilst on this journey.

Even though we are having a more savvy Christmas though, it doesn’t mean we can’t give nice gifts. As many retailers are battling for custom this year, there are more deals than ever to be had. Here are my tips on getting more for your money this Christmas.

  • Make a list – Knowing what you are looking for and for who makes your shopping so much easier. it also helps makes sure you get the best deals there are, rather than buying random gifts.
  • Shop around – If you know what you are looking to buy, shop around. It is so easy now to find out the current price of items online, it takes just a few minutes to search. if you know what you are looking for do a quick google search to get the best price.
  • Take advantage of the offers – When you are ready to make your purchases, take advantage of the offers. Lots of retailers have deals such as 3 for 2 or their discount days such as Amazon Prime day.
  • Make the most of discount codes – Shopping online is not only quicker and easier, but there are usually discount codes available too. Make sure before you checkout that you do a quick search to see if there is a discount code for that retailer.
  • Use cashback – Even on top of deals and discounts, make sure you go through a cashback site and get a little extra back on your shopping. You can read all about how cashback sites work on my post here.

I know that running a quick search for discount codes or even shopping around can add a little time to your Christmas shopping, however, there are lots of deals and offers to be had when it comes to shopping online at this time of the year, you don’t want to miss out!

How to save money on Christmas gifts

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