How to Save Your Employer Money

#AD – This is a collaborative post

It’s easy to be wasteful at work when you’re not the one paying the bills. Helping your employer save money is a great way to help the company you work for increase its profits, freeing up more cash for things like training employees, offering a bonus scheme/pay rise, or investing in other areas of the business to improve the way it operates.

If you work in an office, consider how you could be more efficient with the equipment you are using. For instance, do you switch off your desktop at the end of each day or just the monitor? Do you make sure the lights are off when you’re the last person to leave? In fact, consider whether or not you actually need to use artificial lights, because there might be enough natural light coming through the windows. Energy efficiency is a great way to reduce your employer’s utility bills, but it will also help contribute to a greener environment.

You should also consider your printing habits and how you could potentially reduce waste. Do you actually have to print documents or can you send them via email and keep everything digital? You could perhaps suggest a managed print service to your manager, as this will help limit the amount of paper and ink that is used, again contributing to a more eco-friendly way of operating and reducing the need to repeatedly buy office supplies.

Is there is a coffee or water machine at your place of work? If so, consider bringing in your own reusable cup or mug so that you don’t have to keep using the paper or plastic ones provided. Ditch the post-it notes and opt for digital reminders on your phone or computer instead. Essentially, the trick is to become more mindful of how you’re using the office supplies and you’ll naturally start becoming less wasteful, which will save your employer some money!