How you can actually make money from blogging

Blogging is a great source of income for me and it is something I have been doing for over 9 years, however, it is not always as easy as it seems. However, it is a great side hustle to help boost that income each month.

Firstly I always say to people, it’s not an overnight income. Yes, you can start making money within a few months however getting the work is not always easy and it is easier 2nd time round with a new blog when you have existing contacts.

If you are planning on starting a blog with the aim to earn money, there are a few ways for you can earn an income from it, these are just to get you started! Obviously what you can earn will depend on your blog stats and reach.

How you can actually make money from blogging

Ways you can actually make money from blogging:

SEO Posts – You will have people contact you about adding a guest post to your site. Usually, it will start with an email on how much they love your blog and they are a writer looking to expand their work. Essentially once you get to the bottom of these emails, they would like you to publish a post written by them with a link in it for a site that may be theirs or one they write for.

Sponsored posts – These are posts written by you, usually around a theme or anchor word with a link that you are provided for. You will then add that link into the post and publish this on your site. This obviously takes longer than the other option but it allows you to ensure the post is a good fit with your blog and for your readers.

Link additions – Some brands and SEO’s are just after a link addition in a current post. They will provide the link and normally also provide the post they would like it added into.

Collaborations – These could include recipe creations, reviews and much more. These tend to be a bigger source of income however obviously the work that goes with this increases also.

Adverts – This an either be done via a website that gives you a percentage per view or on your own selling a link to a site at a monthly rate.

Affiliate links – This is for things such as Amazon, eBay and Etsy, plus many more sites. Using a special link for that site you can earn a little money back every time someone buys using your link.

There is so much more to blogging I could share however this post is all about introducing you to the ways you can make money from blogging. There are lots of rules and laws in place when it comes to blogging though and disclosure so please check these out before you get going.

If it is something you are planning on doing, I would recommend using WordPress to create your site. I use a company called Stablepoint to host all of my sites and I have always found them to be the best for hosting and any issues I have. They are offering my readers 20% off their first order, simply use the code 2CP2GD2Z7K. If you are planning on earning from your blog you will need to be self-hosted, unfortunately, you are unable to make any money from a site that is built on Blogger or

I hope this has helped to understand just how you can make money blogging each month, if you do have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!

How you can actually make money from blogging

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