Making the most of the Amazon free trials

With many of us at home for a huge portion of our day, you may be looking for ways to keep not only yourself but also your family entertained during this time. This is where the Amazon free trials come in.

Amazon is pretty much the one-stop-shop for many people with a huge selection of items for sale from clothes to electronics and food. However, did you know they have a whole host of ways to keep yourself entertained on there? This is where the Amazon free trials come in to play. You can try out many of their services for free for 30 days. Now considering schools are not back until the middle of February at the earliest some of these may come in handy!

Here are some of the free trials on offer currently, don’t forget if you have already purchased the service in the past you are unlikely to get a free trial.

Amazon Prime

This is one I subscribe for on a monthly basis. Not only do you get the benefit of free deliveries but also a host of other benefits too, these include:

  • Streaming of thousands of shows and films
  • Access to lots of books and magazines
  • Over 2 million songs on Prime music
  • Early access to deals (though I tend not to use it for this)
  • Free subscription and bonuses on Twitch, if you watch a streamer this will give you a free months sub to their channel (I stream and it is appreciated when someone subs!)

This is £7.99 a month after your first months free trial, this can be cancelled at any time.

Amazon Audible

If you like books this may be the one for you. Amazon Audible is a monthly subscription to their range of audible books for £7.99 a month for one book. With this free trial though, you get a free book to try out and see if it is for you.

Even if you don’t subscribe, you can take advantage of the free book and take some time to chill out!

Amazon Kids+

Amazon Kids+ is the one Amazon free trial that I suspect is going to be very popular in the coming weeks! I purchased this last year for both our children, to ensure they have access to a wide range of books during lockdown 1.0

This 30-day trial may be here at the right time for many parents, who if like me, are battling the current lockdown! Here are some of the benefits to this subscription:

  • Access to thousands of kid-friendly books, movies, TV shows, educational apps, Audible books.
  • Parental control to set what each child can see, set educational goals and time limits. This can be done on their device or remotely using the parent dashboard
  • Personalise the accounts for each child.

This subscription can start at as little of £1.99 a month, however, if you start the 30-day free subscription today it will take you all the way up till the half-term break.

If you are watching the pennies, why not take advantage of the free subscription trial and set yourself a reminder to cancel the sub. This way you can get the benefit for a while without it costing you a penny!

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