Saving now for days out in 2021

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This year has not turned out the way that any of us planned it would let’s face it if we could restart the year and start again many of us would. For me, the current situation has slowed down a few of my plans however it has meant that we are able to start planning for next year a little more.

One thing I have learnt during lockdown is the fact I would like to get out and about doing a few more things as a family. We have had a chance to slow down this year and that has been amazing, breaking out of the normal 9-5 routine as a family has been fantastic. I don’t want us to go back to doing that again and I hope that with this new outlook on life, we are able to create some amazing memories!

Lots of businesses and sports up and down the UK are struggling post-COVID lockdown, so we are hoping we can do our little bit to bolster the economy whilst doing it in a savvy way by saving for each event.

Here are some of our plans we are saving for post COVID –

    1. Attend a major sporting event – Can you remember the whole buzz that the Olympics created in the UK when we hosted them back in 2012? I would like to give our children the chance to experience the buzz of a major sporting event. Here in the UK, we have quite a few sports to pick from, one which will create a buzz will be Wimbledon 2021. After taking a year out due to the lockdown, I’m sure lots of people will be queuing for tickets this year.
    2. Visit the seaside – It has been too long since we’ve been by the sea. I just want to get some fresh sea air and take in the views for a while. Of course, we will be taking some of our change for the kids to hit the arcades and 2p machines. I know this is not particularly frugal, however, there are just some magical memories from playing the 2p machines as a kid trying to win a few sweets. I’m sure the kids will love them!
    3. Take a trip to an attraction – We haven’t taken our two to the theme parks or attractions in such a long time as they never really have shown an interest, however, as they are now a little older I think I am going to take advantage of all these 2 for 1 offer on theme parks and get them out for the day!
    4. A day out at a National Trust site – Where we live is pretty close to Ashridge woods, it is a National Trust site but is also a great place for everyone to get out and stretch their legs. What is also great is the fact we can take the dogs and a picnic for a cheap day out!

There is so much more that we would like to do in the coming months, but for now whilst we await things to return to a bit more of normal life we will just stick with working hard on saving no for days out when we are able to do so. We will, of course, be teaching our children the value of these days out, as we would like them to understand that they are treats that everyone works hard for.

What is your little treat you have lined up for post-Covid?

Saving now for days out in 2021