Wedding sweet table on a budget

The choice for a wedding sweet table is still popular, even now. It only takes you a few minutes to google sweet tables and you will see designs and themes of all sorts, some more lavish than others but all of them look delicious. Hiring a sweet cart or a company that organises it for you can however cost you a few hundred pounds plus and there is a cheaper alternative for this.

We had a sweet table at our wedding back in 2015 and because we were on a tight budget we had a DIY version, it didn’t mean it was any less special. In fact, it went down a storm and everyone loved it. It was one of my favourite details on our wedding day, just because of how much it was loved.

Wedding sweet table on a budget

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How to create a DIY wedding sweet table on a budget:

  1. Source your own dishes and pots – You don’t need to spend a fortune on the pots and dishes you are using to store your sweets. Look around pre-loved wedding forums and places like eBay to pick up a bargain. There are lots out there to choose from and this does not need to break the bank. It is worth asking family and friends too, you may find someone has brought some previously for an event and has some left that you could borrow.
  2. Buy your sweets in bulk – If you are going to buy your sweets, do not look to buy from the supermarkets or local shops. This will end up costing a small fortune, you can however look to purchase in bulk from places such as Swizzels. These bags will allow you more than enough for your guests and probably some leftover for the next day. The best thing about these 3kg multipacks is the option to have such a variety on your table, they will be loved by everyone! They also ell their sweets in tubs such as my favourite strawberry tarts!
  3. Shop around for the table decorations – If you are looking for things such as tongs, scoops, sweet bags and signs why not shape around. Places such as Poundland and Etsy are great places to source these items cheaply. It is also an idea to see what else they have whilst you are there, you may be able to pick up a few extra items for your big day whilst you are there.

Before you fall down the wedding black hole, make sure you sit down and work on your budget. The last thing you want to do is blow the budget before you even start and trust me it is easily done. Anything with the word wedding added on increases the price by about 20%! Once you have broken your budget down, you can then work out how you want to allocate this.

Wedding sweet table on a budget

For us, we decided we wanted to source our tableware cheaper but invest in nicer sweets and treats for everyone and this seemed to work for us. Once you have this though, you can also start purchasing in advance, if you can resist the temptation. With many of Swizzels sweets, they have a good shelf life date. This allows you to spread the costs of this out over a few months rather than in one hit.

Regardless of how you do this though, you know that it is going to be something your whole family and friends are going to love and it will be a real talking point of the day.

What sweet would be the first one added to your sweet table?

Wedding sweet table on a budget

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