3 Ways to Spice Up a Surprise Birthday Party

Everyone loves a fun birthday party, especially when it is a surprise! The anticipation and excitement of the surprise can make it hard to hold in. We all know the basics of a birthday party: birthday cake, decorations, and presents. If you want to spice it up a little bit, try these three ideas, and your party will be a night to remember!

Fantastic Food

Something that everyone can enjoy at a party is the food! Take some time and be creative with what you are serving your guests. Some innovative and tasty ideas include a doughnut bar, party pinwheels, and a chocolate fountain. You obviously do not want to break the bank on food, so have some of your guests bring dishes as well. Catering can get expensive too, so if you’re going to have some fun with it, spend a day cooking with each other!

Not to mention, if you want to get extra points from your guests, go with a theme! Whether it’s Mexican food, pasta fest, different types of pizza or flatbreads, carnival food, or seafood, it is always fun to come to a birthday party where you are not eating your traditional pizza and hot dogs.


Dancing and singing is an absolute must at a birthday party. The only thing that can make a great playlist even better is your own personal live concert! Look around for local bands such as quartets, rock bands, and Latin singers. Ask around to friends and families, and you may be able to get someone to perform for free or relatively cheap. Depending on what type of musician you hire, you can theme your party around it. For example, if you employ a Latin singer, you can get sombreros and some chips and salsa! There is a guaranteed fantastic reaction from everyone attending the party when you invite a live singer there, and there will be no lousy energy throughout the entire event.


You would be surprised knowing how far a little bit of decorating goes to a birthday party. It shows the effort you put into it, and especially for the person, you are surprising. It does not have to be costly, either! There are many Do It Yourself decoration videos all over the Internet that can be quickly done. You might also have some sort of Christmas lights lying around somewhere, and they go a long way at a party. It sets the mood every time, summer, or winter. All of the guests will undoubtedly be impressed with the extra pizazz you added!


Every surprise birthday party is sure to be much appreciated by the guests, and especially the guest of honour. But, if you want to put in that extra mile to make the party even more hype than it already is, getting tasty food, sassy decorations, and a hired singer are the three things that will make it unforgettable.

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