Way’s I look to save money on shopping

Spending money is part of life, whether it be your day to day bills or things such as purchases for you or your home. Whatever I am buying though, I always look for ways to save money on shopping. After all, most retailers are now looking to boost their customer base more than ever.

There are a few ways I look to save (or in some cases make) money on all of my purchases and I am going to walk you through a few of them now. Some are quicker than others, but to be honest, I am in the mindset if something can save me some money, it is worth a few minutes of my time.

  1. Cashback – This is one that I have discussed in this post previously. I won’t go into too much detail here as that was a pretty in-depth post, however, I have earned over £1800 from Quidco since I signed up from them. I prefer Quidco personally, if you are yet to sign up you can do via this link and earn yourself a bonus of £10 once you have earned your first £5 cashback.
  2. Search for a discount code – There are so many sites out there for discount codes, it is always worth trying them out before you make your purchase. A simple search such as “domino’s discount code” will bring up lots of discount codes for Domino’s for example. They may not all be valid, however, for a few minutes of my time, I’m willing to give it a go!
  3. Honey – No it’s not the sweet type or a dating app… But it is a great little add on that runs on your browser to find your best deals when you want them to. This was actually recommended to me by our 11-year-old, who had seen an advert and so far it has saved us over £200 since we started using it. It is well worth a look, especially as it runs in the background.
  4. Cashback apps for shopping – There are two apps that seem to be the easiest to use and most popular. These are called Shopmium and Checkout smart, both of which I use on my phone. It is pretty simple to use, each week they update their offers where you will receive cashback on certain purchases. Simply activate the offer, make the purchase and upload a copy of your receipt. There may not always be offers for items you need however if you are heading to do a weekly shop, it is worth look.

These are just a few options for saving money on your shopping, I am always on the lookout for ways to save money. After all the more I can save, the quicker we can move towards our dreams of early retirement.

Way's I look to save money on shopping

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