4 Aesthetic Ways To Wrap Your Christmas Present

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It is that time of the year when you should be grateful for the year you’ve had, the memories it has given you and thank people who have made it possible.

A token of love, a gift, therefore, is important in this kind of celebration. With that, Christmas gift wrap is an unsaid tag along; a task that often overwhelms if you lack creativity.

In this article, we have therefore come up with innovative ways of wrapping your thoughtful gifts, to give them the care they deserve.

Let’s dive right in!

  1. Chalkboard Wrapping Paper

A chalkboard wrapping paper is an original spin on your Christmas presents. The material of this wrapping paper is made in a way that you can use it to scribble or make patterns with chalk similar to those traditional blackboards.

This craze has been going strong for a while, with no signs of fading out anytime soon.

To top that, if you don’t have a dedicated chalkboard wrapping paper, you can follow these simple steps –

  1. Wrap the presents in black wrapping paper (thicker than usual)
  2. Use white or silver markers to add customised Christmas messages and funny doodles.
  3. You can also simply write “Merry Christmas” with images of holly berries or snowflakes to complete the look.

This kind of wrapping will give a classy spin to your overall decor, so if you are looking for something like that you should definitely give this a try.

4 Aesthetic Ways To Wrap Your Christmas Present

  1. Cookie Cutter Tags 

Christmas cookies are everyone’s favourite, so one way to add more thought and value to your gift is using a cooker cutter as name tags in the wrapping process. It is also quite simple to make – all you need to create a cookie-cutter tag is a cookie-cutter, sharpie and a ribbon

For detailed assistance, follow the steps below –

  1. Wrap your Christmas presents in usual paper and add a ribbon at the joint
  2. Slide the cookie cutter onto the ribbon
  3. Secure it with a beautiful bow
  4. Now, use the sharpie to address it to the recipient.
  1. Melted Crayon Wrapping Paper 

Sure, the brown wrapping paper is a staple and looks classic but that shouldn’t stop you from getting creative to create an even more classier looking packaging.

In this DIY, the prime things that you need are brown craft paper and crayon shaving. Here’s the step-by-step process –

  1. Begin by using a cheese grater to shave small pieces of colourful crayons onto a piece of brown craft paper.
  2. Now, place a piece of wax paper on and underneath the brown paper with shavings and use an iron, on the lowest setting, to melt the wax. The crayon will and should melt almost immediately.
  3. For a Christmas-y look, use red, green and white crayons. Moreover, you can also replace brown paper with tissue paper for a different looking aesthetic.

PRO TIP: Do not motion the iron in a circle, or you will run the risk of ruining and ripping the paper.

4 Aesthetic Ways To Wrap Your Christmas Present

  1. Doily Lace Gift Wrap 

A doily lace gift wrap is a perfect blend of modern and traditional look; a modern twist on the conventional Victorian looking gift wrap.

Doilies are pleasant looking, so use them to create a lacy look that remotely reflects the look of snowflakes. Follow the steps mentioned ahead for a better understanding –

  1. Begin by simply wrapping your gift in plain brown paper.
  2. Purchase different shaped doilies from a Christmas decor store.
  3. Here, you can get as creative as you want. For starters, you can cut the centres of the doilies for a disc-shaped decor element.
  4. These discs can go around the corners of the package.
  5. Lastly, whatever design you choose to create, make sure you place the doilies diagonally before you glue them to be sure of their even spacing.

To Wrap Up… 

Similar to how first impressions play an important role in understanding the overall personality of a person, your thoughtful gifts too deserve a proper first impression.

Christmas gift wrapping, therefore, is an important part of the process of gifting. It has the power to control the first impressions of your gifts and to bring smiles to your loved ones the moment they lay their eyes on it.

Lastly, do not miss to add a handwritten note to the gift for a personal touch to complete the overall look of your presents.