Balacing investing in your home alongside saving for the future

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Investing in your home is something that can end up costing quite a bit of money.

However, there is a fine balance between saving for the future and making your home work for you whilst being safe too. We have been in our house for over 12 years and during that time we have invested in different projects over the years, the first one we ever did was put artificial grass in our garden. As we had 2 small children, our crazy paving garden wasn’t safe for them to play. It was also a great place for us to be able to put some furniture such as a garden hammock and a table, a place we could all enjoy.

When we invested, we did pay a lot of money as at this point it was just as people were getting artificial grass in their homes. However, it was one of those investments that have stood the test of time, our grass has been down for 8 years now and still looks great. Considering we have had 2 dogs and 2 children running around on it putting it to the test, it was a worthy investment. Another thing we are looking to invest in shortly will be some new decking for our garden, we are looking at composite decking as this will last longer, therefore making it a better investment for us.

Balacing investing in your home alongside saving for the future

We have also had to invest in other things in our home such as a new bathroom, finally separating the kid’s bedroom and new windows. Each one of these projects has been pretty expensive along the way, even if we have done most of the work ourselves or even won items to help with the work.

This has meant that each time we have done something, we have had to pause our savings and even eat into our savings to get these things done.

I sit back sometimes and wonder if we had missed some of the things off the list that we have done, would we be closer to our goal? The likelihood is we probably would, however, this home is likely to be ours for another 10 years. Living in a home that doesn’t work for us or requires lots of improvements for any length of time would not be right. I also see it as an investment, our home with its working windows and artificial grass appeals more to people than that of one in not such good condition. Looking after things like the windows and guttering will also help it maintain its value, just taking time out to clean them regularly will increase the life of them both. If you are not a fan of doing it, you could always get someone in to do it for you like Gutter Cleaning Louisville.

Balacing investing in your home alongside saving for the future

There are a few other items that I would like to get done on our home in the coming years, however, for these, I will be saving for the work to be carried out whilst still saving for the debt to be cleared too.

If you are like us stuck between a goal and other needs, weigh up the pros and cons of both. Investing in your home should always help at least with the value in the long run, but it is also about happiness whilst living there. Just make sure that it is done within your financial means.

Balacing investing in your home alongside saving for the future

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