Growing your own vegetables and fruit to save money

Food costs are one that is always increasing, yet we all need to spend money to eat.

It is one of the reasons that during lockdown more and more people have been growing your own vegetables and fruit. Being self-sufficient is not only great when there are supply issues, but it also helps keep the costs down for your monthly outgoings too.

Everyone is able to grow something in their home, regardless of whether they have a garden or a balcony and there are plenty of options out there for small spaces. It is important to keep in mind that every vegetable garden has its own challenges and needs.

Growing your own vegetables and fruit to save money

The Benefits of Growing Your Own Vegetables

Growing your own vegetables can be a wonderful experience. You can learn how to grow new vegetables that you have never tried before. The produce is also much fresher than anything you can get in a store and you know exactly where it came from. You will also save money by growing your own vegetables because they are cheaper to buy and more nutritious than the ones that are commercially grown.

The best way to start a vegetable garden is on your own property, in an area of land or even in containers on your balcony, deck or patio. If you do not have any land available, there are many community gardens that allow members to rent plots of land for their gardens at an affordable price.

Even though gardening can seem complicated, it is surprisingly easy to get into. You just need to follow some simple steps for planting a successful garden.

1) Choose the right spot – Find an area that receives plenty of sun and is sheltered from strong winds and trees that could drop leaves or fruit onto your plants. It may mean you need to organise your garden a little differently going forward, but this is a long term plan and making sure it works now will help in the future.

2) Plan ahead – Make sure you have all the tools you need before you start planting anything. Having a little shed to store everything near where you need it will make life a little easier.

3) Prepare your soil – Dig up any weeds, add in compost, and mix everything together until it turns into rich dark soil ready to be planted in. Depending on the area you are living in, you may need to invest in a little compost to get you started.

4) Plant your seeds or seedlings – The general rule of thumb is to plant seeds about a finger’s length apart from each other with smaller plants going closer together than larger ones. You may wish to look at options to protect your seedlings from nature little predators with nets.

Tips for Planting a Successful Garden

Even the most experienced gardeners have some advice for those who are just starting out and there are plenty of helpful tips online. Don’t be afraid to reach out and try and get some help from those who love gardening. Even the novices can give you some helpful hints and advice.

Gardening is also a rewarding way to spend time outdoors, just getting out in the fresh air can do wonders for your mental health too. Then once you are able to harvest what you have grown, you will also be reaping the rewards of the food you have grown.

Once you have things planted, you can sit back and await your crops to grow. I can’t wait till we get to this point as we are planning to treat ourselves to a hammock in the garden and I am planning on putting my feet up and relaxing in that after harvesting our crop!

Be adventurous in what you grow, starting with the things you know you will love and enjoy then try out some new fruit and veg, you never know you may even get the fussiest of eaters on board if they have put the hard work into grow it. Growing your own vegetables is never going to save money overnight, however, it will in time and give you a sense of satisfaction with it.

Growing your own vegetables and fruit to save money

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