Our aims and hopes for 2021

2020 was a strange year, however, it is now behind us and we are moving forward in 2021 with hopes of a good year and hopefully more positive steps on our journey.

I have been thinking about what our plans are for 2021, without trying to make anything set in stone due to the changing climate currently. After a bit of a think, I have decided to set some aims and hopes for 2021. Mostly to give us something to try and aim for, I have found this helps me to focus when the going gets tough.

Here are my hopes for this year:

  1. Cut our debt by £15,000 – I have been dithering as to how much to set this at, but I have settled with a figure that we should be able to reach taking into account payments/overpayments we are already making. I have all the figures for our debt before Christmas so I will take an update on the figures monthly after all payments. This will allow me to see how we are getting on.
  2. Increase side income to £1000 a month – I want to make £1000 a month (after tax) which is to go towards debt and the house. We still have some work required around the house so this is for that also.
  3. Focus on one house job a month – This is a bit of a strange one on a finance blog, but bear with me. I want us to focus on one house job a month to get our house into a better state. It could be something simple such as getting the radiator covers we have needed for the last 12 months. There are some bigger jobs such as decking in the garden etc. Each job will be assessed by cost and need.

These don’t seem like hopes that will be non-achievable, but it will need a little bit of focus. I am going to look into our income in the coming weeks to make as much cash as we can to help this. It would be nice if we can achieve all of the above and potentially get away for a few days, just a staycation would be welcomed, so we can all recharge. We may look to hire a lodge near my inlaws in Devon for a few days, but we will see.

Hopefully, at the end of 2021, I can look back at our first post in 2020 and see how far we have come in 24 months.

The future may look uncertain in certain areas but I’m hopeful for our future!

Our aims and hopes for 2021

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