Welcome to our journey

Hi & welcome to our journey.

It is a journey about our plans to become debt-free, mortgage-free and on our way to retirement.

If you are looking for a journey of people saving every single penny, living on a really tight budget and being perfect at saving, this is not the blog for you. We are on a journey to being debt-free, however, this will be done over time by reducing our outgoings and increasing our income. Snowballing our debts the best we can then throwing it all onto the mortgage. However, changing our mindset and approach to money is going to take time.

There is no self-pity here, we got ourselves into this mess, so we will get ourselves out of this and on the road to building a retirement nest egg.

This blog will be the raw journey of what happens and how it happens. It is somewhere for us to record our progress and the stumbling blocks we may hit. I am not here to give you advice on how you should do anything, just how we have done things.

Over the coming weeks I will share our starting point, a bit of a warts and all story of where we are. Then from that I will be documenting where we have got to each month.

To be honest, I fully expect us to hit a stumbling block (or a few) over the coming weeks, months and years. However, we just need to remember the long term plan of retirement and all that has to bring with it.

Welcome to our journey

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