A few ways I’m working on boosting our income

As part of our journey to becoming debt-free, we are not only looking at ways to cut our outgoings but also looking at ways of boosting our income.

With 2 children and different shift patterns, getting a normal 2nd job isn’t really an option for us. So, I am trying to be a bit more creative in the way I earn money. I have tried lots of different options over the years, some have been successful, whilst others not so much. Here are a few ways I am working on boosting our income from home, along with a few that have failed for me over the years!

  • Blogging – I have had another blog for almost 9 years now, this is a great source of income for us and has been something that helped us through some really difficult times. I am now working on building this blog up alongside a few others to diversify our income streams. Blogging income can be made up from sponsored posts, affiliates and advertising. I will probably write more on how I make money blogging in a separate post as there are lots of different ways.
  • Surveys – I have recently been using Prolific a lot more to gain a few extra pounds for surveys. I don’t do many, just a few a day around work. However, I have almost £35 to withdraw currently. I am going to use this money towards Christmas/bills later in the year. Surveys range from a few questions to 20-30 minutes worth of your time, so it is all about what you are willing to put into them. Keeping your Prolific page open whilst you work is the best way to pick up surveys throughout the day.
  • Research panels – Last week I took part in my first research panel via zoom, it was an early wake up as it starts at 6.15 am however I got paid $100 for 60 minutes of my time. I am not sure how many more of these I will get but I am happy for the early start if they are going to pay that! You can sign up to the company I worked with here.
  • Matched betting – This is something I know many people are wary of, but over the years I have made good money from matched betting. I have never won big however it has always been slow and steady income. I am going to get back into the swing of this however if you would like to read a little guide on how to get started, head over to this article to get started.

I am very realistic that none of the above is going to always be quick easy money, however, if I could gain a steady stream of income from all of the above, I will be very happy.

After all, this journey is not a sprint, it will be a marathon and the more we can save/make the better it will be for us in the long run in making that journey a little shorter!

A few ways I'm working on boosting our income

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