Back to school on a budget

We are soon heading back to school and for lots of us are now starting to look at the items needed for the return. As always the kids have had growth spurts and now for some of us, they may be moving school, which means a complete change in uniform.

The return to school can be quite expensive when you start to add it all up, from uniform to pencil cases and lunch boxes etc and if you have more than 1 child it can really start to stack up.

As we are looking after the pennies this year, I am going to be doing a little shopping around when it comes to the bits we need. Firstly we will only be buying the essential items needed from the schools uniform shop, although most schools don’t add any mark upon their uniform costs, it soon starts to add up when you buy just the compulsory items.

We then purchase the rest of the uniform from supermarkets as we have found that the quality of the items absolutely fine. This combined with the price makes it a no brainer for me when it comes to purchasing them. I usually use Asda as it is our local supermarket so it has been easy to get the uniform from there, however, I have heard good things about all supermarket uniforms, to be honest.

One item I do invest more into is a good pair of shoes, as they spend so much time walking to and from school I want to ensure their feet are well looked after.

The other items that really seem to bump the prices up are restocking the pencil cases. As we have two children I have now started waiting for the special offers to come online and purchase items more in bulk. I don’t really need 48 pencils, however the box I purchased on offer last year will be used this year too. One shop that I found reasonable for stationary last year was Wilko’s but also I have noticed supermarkets getting deals for the key items this year. It is worth looking around for the items you need and seeing the deals on offer.

If you did not get your child’s teacher a gift at the end of the term last year but are still on the lookout for the perfect thank you, check out this great list of 34 educational gifts for teachers.

Back to school on a budget

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