How to Clean a Very Dirty Carpet?

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Sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances, due to which the carpet can get very dirty. If you do not clean it in time, it will forever lose its former beauty and you will have to throw it away. To prevent this from happening, we recommend several effective carpet cleaning methods, which are suitable even for big or old stains.

You will need the tools that every home has:

  • soda;
  • vinegar;
  • laundry soap;
  • ammonia

Domestic Carpet Cleaning with Soda

Cleaning a very dirty carpet is difficult and requires a lot of effort. If you are not sure whether you can remove the dirt yourself, we recommend contacting professional carpet cleaning company, where specialists will do everything for you.

If you do your own domestic carpet cleaning before proceeding, test all products on a small, inconspicuous area of ​​the carpet.

Soda is a versatile cleaning and odour-removing agent. It has the unique property of absorbing any dirt. This is especially true if animal urine gets on the carpet. Simply sprinkle the correct amount of baking soda on the stain, distribute and wait for 30 minutes to an hour. Vacuum afterwards. If you are looking for replacement parts for your carpet cleaner, check out Spares2You.

Carpet Cleaning with Vinegar for Fresh Stains

Another effective way to clean the carpet from dirt at home is vinegar solution. Stir 2 tablespoons of vinegar in 0.5 litres of water and apply to the surface with a stiff brush or sponge. Rub the stain and let the solution dry. After that, vacuum the carpet.

This domestic carpet cleaning method is not suitable for old, stubborn dirt. There are other means for this.

Laundry Soap for Cleaning Old Dirt

Laundry soap is known for being a proven way to remove even stubborn stains over the years. You need to rub a bar of soap on a grater, pour it into warm water and stir. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and apply to the surface. Let dry completely and vacuum. This carpet cleaning method is suitable for relatively fresh stains.

If the dirt is already ingrained, also dissolve the grated soap in water and use a brush to scrub the area with the stain until it is washed off. Then take clean water and wipe off the soapy area with a sponge or clean cloth. Finally, hang the rug to dry in a well-ventilated area. Once completely dry, vacuum it at medium power.

Ammonia for Preventive Carpet Cleaning

After some time of use, carpets can get dirty or “greasy”. It can be imperceptible if you do not look closely, but if you do not clean them for a long time, then it will be difficult to cope with serious extensive contamination on your own. It is much easier to do preventive cleaning at least once a year – the carpet will never be dirty.

To do this, stir 10 ml of alcohol (2-3 tablespoons) in 0.5 litres of water. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and scrub the surface with a sponge. Leave to dry completely and vacuum. You will notice that the surface has become softer and the colours – brighter.

Contact Professional Carpet Cleaning Experts

If the carpet is already too dirty and you do not want to accidentally ruin it by trying to clean it yourself – use carpet cleaning services. Companies, offering deep carpet cleaning procedures, have professional products that remove any dirt. Even removing dried gum and stubborn stains is a simple matter for experts.

Your carpet will look new, clean and bright after a professional carpet steam cleaning. We recommend using steam carpet cleaning services once or twice a year, even if the carpet doesn’t look dirty. This will help prevent dust mites and odours.

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