DIY hacks for improving your home’s energy efficiency

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With the rising cost of energy bills, many of us are looking for ways to ensure our homes are as efficient as they can be, in a bid to save a little money. Even being able to turn the heating on a little later in the year or have it running for longer due to your home being energy efficient will go a long way to help.

If you are concerned about your home’s energy efficiency but are on a tight budget, there are a number of things you could look to improve on your own without the need to call in the professionals!

DIY hacks for improving your home's energy efficiency

4 Ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency

Loft and floor insulation –

Unlike wall insulation, loft and floor insulation can be put in by yourself. It will be more beneficial if you go for the thickest insulation possible in the space but also make sure you install it properly to feel the full benefits. It may be your home already has insulation but needs to be topped up in places, this again is a great way to help with the heat retention in your home.

Window shutters –

Shutters are a great way to help improve your home’s energy efficiency as they keep the heat in and stop the draughts too. These also look great in any room too and just finish off the window area.

You may be concerned about the costs of shutter options however The Shutter Store UK offer lots of easy to follow guides to allow you to install DIY shutters rather than paying for expensive shutter installation. They still have the same look but are a fraction of the price.

Don’t be put off by the price savings either, as you are using the DIY service for these shutters, they will be cheaper but this does not mean they look cheap. They are still made from quality material and can be made to measure in a number of styles, perfect for any room in the house.

Draft proofing –

Although you need to ensure your home is well ventilated to help with condensation and prevent dampness, having too big a draft is counterproductive to your energy efficiency.

There are a number of products you can get that help to draft proof key areas such as your letterbox, keyholes and even draft excludes for the bottom of your doors.

If you have a drafty area of your home, these products are relatively cheap and can help save on energy bills.

Insulate your hot water pipes –

With gas prices rocketing, you are going to want to ensure you are making sure your home is making the most of your central heating and insulating your water pipes (and tank if you have one) is a key way to do this.

With so many pipes running hot water around your home, it is easy to see how uninsulated pipes can lose their efficiency. You can easily insulate your pipes and tank these days with most hardware stores selling the bits you need and they are so quick and simple to install, that there is no need to call in the professionals.

These are just a number of ways to help improve your home’s efficiency on your own, of course, there are other ways such as new windows and doors but for these, you are going to need to call in the professionals to get these done.

For most of the tips we have shared above, your savings will pay for themselves within the first year or two. Then from there on in you are just cutting your bills down and for all of us, that saving will be very much welcomed!