Free days out with the family in Bedfordshire and the surrounding area

The Easter holidays are in full swing here and anyone with kids will tell you that this could cost you a small fortune if you let it. With the cost of everything rising, family days out are now getting more expensive but it doesn’t have to be, free days out are just as fun.

There are lots of ways to have a day out at a reduced cost or even free days out, depending on what you would like to do, here are a few tips on making the day cheaper.

Tips for cheaper days out

  • Make the most of vouchers – During the school holidays, many brands offer 2 for 1 ticket to attractions as well as lots of offers shared online. Don’t be afraid to make the most of these vouchers to make your day out cheaper, if not completely free.
  • Use loyalty points – Using things such as your Tesco Clubcard vouchers to double or triple up on points can save you a small fortune. They offer places such as Cineworld and many theme parks in their offer or you could even use the points for a meal out as a family instead. Getting a bonus discount for your points is great!
  • Take a packed lunch – If you are happy to pay for a day out, even if you are using the vouchers or points but be careful not to be stung by the overpriced food on site! Taking lunch or snacks with you can greatly reduce the cost of the day. You may even find you can bag yourself some yellow sticker bargains on the route.

If you live in Bedfordshire and the surrounding areas, there are some great places to take the kids for some fun and exploring without it costing you a small fortune the same time as there are some fab places to get to that doesn’t cost you a penny. Here are our favourites!

Free days out with the family in Bedfordshire and the surrounding area

Free days out with the family in Bedfordshire and the surrounding area

  • Ashridge Estate – This is up there with our favourite, you can spend the day here without paying out any money and can knacker the kids out at the same time. You can explore the woods and the open space, taking in the spectacular views. It is perfect for playing a game of football, flying kites and walking the dogs too, so a day out for the whole family. They have toilet facilities on site too, so perfect for small people.
  • Dunstable Downs – If your kids like to fly kites, this is the place to take them, with stunning views over the countryside, you can just take the views in and enjoy watching others flying their kites if it is not for you. You can also watch the gliders taking off and landing in the field below.
  • Stockwood Discovery Centre – Stockwood Park is close to the M1 junction 10 and is a great place to have a day out, especially if the weather is nice. The park itself is perfect for taking a walk around or playing games such as football, rounders or cricket etc. In the park itself, they have Stockwood Discovery Centre which houses the history of Luton and everything from the airport to some classic cars from Vauxhalls including carriages. Take your time to explore this and the beautifully kept gardens around it with a chance to see an old war bunker and grow your own plots around it.
  • Luton Museum and Gallery at Wardown Park – A morning out taking in more of the history of Luton and life in general, this building is beautiful too. You can learn all about Luton’s hat history and the town itself.

There are plenty of other places and beautiful spaces to visit in and around Bedfordshire, this is just some of the quick ones that come to mind.

It is always worth remembering too that what you see on social media is only a snippet of people’s lives, don’t feel like you are letting your children down if you only do a few trips out. There are plenty of fun things to do in and around your home that do not need to cost you a small fortune. If you are planning on staying close to home, here are some fun activities to do at home that are free or low cost.

Free days out with the family in Bedfordshire and the surrounding area

Things to do at home with the kids during the holidays

  • Movie day – Watch a film in the comfort of your home using whatever devices you have access to. If you have a popcorn machine or maybe even some of those bags you pop in the microwave, you can bring the cinema experience to your own home.
  • Baking – My two love to bake and it is such a cheap activity to do, find some recipes you love such as this cookie recipe to get you started.
  • Crafting – You do not need to invest in many crafting activities, why not look at doing a fun junk model or even just some drawing.

Do whatever suits your family and just remember you do not need to pay for expensive days out to have fun, it is who you are spending the time with that makes the difference and free days out can be just as fun!