It’s ok to fall on the journey

One thing I noticed whilst reading others on a similar journey, is how positive their journeys were.

Now, this is not a negative thing on them but when we fell off for a bit, it was almost as though we had failed somehow. It just felt like it wasn’t the norm to not be on track all the time.

Over time though we have learnt that all journeys are different and that’s what I want to share with you today.

Whether you are cleaning debt, saving for a home or even your retirement. Your journey will not match anyone else’s. Yes, there will be similarities along the way, however, it will be unique. Life is not the same for everyone, even if you have the same education or work, your end will always be different.

If you are struggling or maybe even just starting out, here are some things tips I wish someone had told me.

It’s ok to fall on the journey¬†

You are not going to be 100% perfect throughout the journey. Life has this awful habit of throwing curveballs at us. What matters is how you learn to deal with these and adapt to the situation.

Don’t feel like you have failed due to a little stutter on the journey, dust yourself off and get back on it.

Every month will be different

I always had a mission in my head that we would be able to save x amount. It never happened.

Due to my freelance works, some months are easy to hit that target, other months we even smash it. Then there are months where we don’t hit it at all. I just know that every little bit is a step closer to the end goals.

Celebrate your achievements 

Tracking how we are going on a journey is just a way for me to celebrate. In the beginning, I would get a bit downbeat that we had so long to go on our journey. It felt like we were taking too long, but then when I realised how far we were coming each month. I decided to celebrate the small achievements.

After all, no matter how long it takes or how you get there. You are going to smash it and do an amazing job in doing so!

Don’t compare yourself to others

It is great having the internet to see how others have achieved what you are trying to achieve but don’t get bogged down in comparison syndrome.

As I said previously, your journey is your own. You will make your target, in your own way. So many people fall because they are not reaching the unrealistic targets set but what they read others to achieve. Work out what works for you and stick to it.

I hope that this will give you a little comfort if you are on a journey and feel like you are struggling. Focus on yourself and accept that it is ok to fall along the way, how you deal with it is the key thing.

It's ok to fall on the journey