Saving money by entering competitions

There seems to be a bit of a taboo about winning prizes in competitions, almost as if some people are ashamed of winning a prize that they may gift.

I just don’t understand why though?

After all, if you win a prize you were going to buy for someone, in my eyes you’ve just saved yourself some money!

This time of the year is possibly the best time for competitions, as many companies and bloggers ramp up their giveaways for the festive period. I do this on my main blog, my Countdown To Christmas giveaways have been running for a number of years as my way of saying thank you for the support throughout the year. This year, I feel it is even more important than ever to spread a little cheer.

Why I enter competitions:

Even though I host competitions, I also enjoy entering competitions. For me, it is a way to save a little money over the festive period (if I’m lucky enough to win something!). I personally always only enter competitions that I feel are suited for us as a family or someone we may know. This possibly limits the number of competitions I can enter, however, I don’t want to win a prize that is no good for us when someone else may get used out of it.

There are plenty of ways to enter giveaways, some are hosted on sites using widgets called rafflecopter or gleam. These giveaways usually require you to comment on a post, follow on social media or even retweet something.

Then there are the giveaways on social media, these usually require you to comment, follow and re-share the post.

These are the most popular forms of competitions but there are also ones that include signing up to newsletters or websites too. You can find hundreds of giveaways running daily on sites such as Prize Finder and Money Saving Expert. If you are looking at the possibility of saving yourself a little bit of money this Christmas, why not give it a go!

Saving money by entering competitions

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