Making money from home during Covid

Covid-19 has caused us many issues this year, thankfully we are lucky and have our health. However, when I look back to our plans on the journey for this year, I never had a clue of how this year would unfold.

Like so many, we had plans for 2020 that just never came to anything simply because of how the year has unfolded. That doesn’t mean that this year is a write-off, in fact, what it has shown is how much we are able to adapt.

The plan for cleaning our debts has changed and that has been fine for us, in fact, it has given me a bit more of a perspective on our goals and how we are going to get there.

If you are on a journey to early retirement, debt-free journey or mortgage-free goal, I’m sure you have had to adapt in your approach too but the one thing I’ve learnt is how many ways you are able to earn money from home during Covid19. Here are some of the ways I have been making money during this difficult 6 months.

  • Blogging – This has been a side hustle I have had for 9 years now, not this blog but my main blog. During the lockdown, I focused on building that up a bit more and it has been bringing in a steady stream of income for us. Alongside that, I have been blogging on this blog and another blog. Those are not really money-making blogs but more of a creative outlet, over time I am hoping they bring money in but we shall see what happens with those. Blogging is not a quick fix for income but it can become very lucrative if you hit it right.
  • Surveys – If you are interested in my honest review of surveys, read this post. During the lockdown, I made more money as I was working from home but it is a lot slower now as I am back in the office. If you are able to work from home though this may be a way for you to make more from it.
  • Matched betting – I am not doing it very often but I have been able to make a little income from matched betting to boost our income.
  • Cashback – Ok technically you can’t make money like you can from a job in cashback, however, if you have things such as insurances to payout, the likelihood is you will have been purchasing some of these at some point this year. I have made cashback not only on everyday purchases but also our car insurance, home insurance and pet insurance during this time. If you have not used cashback sites before, read my post on this here.
  • Prizes – Again, technically your can’t make money this way (unless you are selling prizes) but if you have birthdays and Christmas coming up then the money saved from being able to gift a present is affectively money earned in my books! You can see lots of competitions that are currently running on Money Saving Expert forum.

These are just some of the ways I have been making money, don’t forget there are other options such as market research, mystery shopping and selling on places such as eBay and Facebook Marketplace. You just need to open your mind up to other options that are out there and don’t be put off by the extra work that comes from it. Once you have a little pot building to help clear a debt or an overpayment on a mortgage, it will all be worth it!

Making money from home during Covid

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