Staying motivated on our journey

Our journey is going to be a long one and staying motivated on our journey has been tough so far.

I would love to say to people that it is amazing and we are finding it so easy, however, it’s not that straightforward. This blog is about being honest on our journey and this is what this is.

Firstly, I don’t regret this journey at all, in fact, I accept that it was needed and am fully embracing it. I am just finding it tough going at times. This tends to swing a bit like a pendulum, firstly I get frustrated that we have no money to do anything amazing. We are not going without however a holiday is a long way off for us for example.

Then I get annoyed that we are not progressing as quickly as I would like, even though we are still on track to get to where we are planning on being. Sometimes I think this is down to following so many other people’s journeys. They are all doing amazing and smashing through their debts and saving way more than we are.

Staying motivated on our journey

However, this is all become a bit of dangerous territory. How can you compare your journey to that of someone who you may not know the full picture? Yes they may have cleared £1000 of debt this month, but for all, I know their income could be twice the size of ours and their outgoings half too, so of course, they could contribute more to their journey. This is not to say what they have achieved is not amazing, it is. It is just to remind myself that everyone’s journey is different.

We have a goal and that goal is an achievable goal by our current level of income and outgoings, obviously, I am working on both of those currently and hope that I can move our goals forward a bit, however, if this doesn’t happen due to something else happening then that is fine. I remind myself daily of the little steps we have taken to get to where we are now and where we are going.

Although our journey is long and it is likely to change as the years go by, as long as we keep taking our steps to get to our end goal that is fine. Yes, we may go slowly at times and maybe even end up going a slightly different route, it is fine as long as we get to that end goal we have in mind.

Staying motivated on our journey