Saving money on takeaways

We are a fan of takeaways, yes I know that is not very money-savvy, however, it is what it is and that is our little reward and treat for the week. We have changed the way we have our treat though as it was getting a little silly and now only have it on a Friday as an end of the week celebration.

Even though we are still going to have a takeaway, it doesn’t mean I want to pay full price on it! I am always looking for ways in which saving money on takeaways saves me a few pounds.

Saving money on takeaways

If you are looking to get a takeaway in, here are the simple steps I take before ordering to try and save us a few pounds.

Check out the offers from the takeaways you are ordering

If you are in the mood for a pizza but there is a couple of takeaways close that offer this, check out the offers they both have running. You may find that one has a deal that saves you a few pounds over the other! Offers change all the time too so it is worth going back to check what they have on offer on a regular basis as it may have changed since you last looked.

Keep an eye on social media

Lots of takeaways run special offers on social media so make sure you check them out before you order. Dominos, for example, were recently running a pizza party scratchcard online which gave different deals, you just needed your email address, phone number, and name before you could scratch. However, if it wasn’t a suitable deal for us I would use my husband’s details to get another chance to get a better deal. Just by doing this, I could save 50% on our order for one takeaway.

Do a quick search for a takeaway discount

Before you hit check out, you should always do a quick search for a discount code. This usually works better for the big chain takeaways, just quickly pop a search in google and see what you get. Sometimes you will hit a good discount whereas other times it may not work, for the few seconds it takes to search it is always worth a try.

Always get cashback

If you are using sites such as the big takeaways direct or even sites like Just Eat make sure you use cashback sites. It’s not going to save you the pounds of a discount code however a few pence back from the takeaway you were planning to order is better than nothing!

I don’t always get lucky in getting a discount or money back from the takeaway, however, I will always try. Most of the time you will find a deal, maybe not on the one you were going to order but something similar.

Saving money on takeaways

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