Takeaway vs Fakeaway

Can I still have a takeaway on my journey to debt-free?

It is a question that I am going to admit crossed my mind, you see that is our treat. We don’t smoke, don’t eat out, very rarely drink or spend money on shopping. However, takeaways are our weak point.

I just want to say no judgement is made if you treat yourself to takeaways! Everyone has that something that is their treat, some it is a fancy coffee and for others, it is a special beauty regime, it is your choice.

We as a family do once a week as our treat when we get to the end of the week, we spend time chilling out with some good food and time together, I budget this into our weekly spend.

Could we get closer to our target quicker if we didn’t have it? Most likely. This journey, however, is a marathon, not a sprint. For us to stay committed to this goal, we need to make sure that we hit that balance that makes it something we all are on board with. After all, like things such as diets, cutting everything you enjoy out of your life usually makes the changes not last.

When it comes to takeaways though, there are ways to make things cheaper for yourselves. For starters, always look out for offers. Most restaurants and takeaways offer deals throughout the year, they are looking to keep customers and get new customers on board. I very rarely pay full price for our takeaway or anything, to be honest!

If you are looking to save a little more money, why not consider the supermarket meal deals for your treat night. For example, Asda pizza counter currently has an offer on for 2 medium pizzas and a bottle of coke for £5. We brought this last week and cheap garlic bread, giving us a takeaway for under £6 for the 4 of us.

Another alternative is to ditch the takeaways full stop and go for the fakeaway option. If you like to get in the kitchen cooking, this may be a good option for you. Here are some meal suggestions for you to try at home:

The one thing to remember on this journey, it is all about following your own journey. If you are following others on the journey, you may find they don’t have takeaways or spend on treats which is great for them, it doesn’t mean it will work for you. You need to find the balance that works for you and if that includes you having a takeaway once in a while then that is fine too.

Takeaway vs Fakeaway

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