Things to do During the Summer in Arlington

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Arlington is a beautiful and old city that works hard and enjoys its moments in the sun.  If you want to break free from standing in museums and digging through Arlington real estate and want to enjoy some time instead outside: there’s no better time than the summer!  Arlington summers are a magical time of creativity and learning, where you can find fantastic food vendors and spend as much time outside as possible.

Here are the best things the city offers in the summer; don’t be shy about trying all of them!

Watch Movies Under The Stars

Are you sick of being inside and want to enjoy a movie under the starlight?  Most of us feel the same!  In Arlington, Rosslyn Cinema at Gateway Park offers two showings a week of films that range from classic to modern favourites.  You can plan out which days you’ll visit and watch these shows ahead of time, and make a standing date to go to all of your favourites!  If you want to meet locals, it’s not a great idea since most people hold to the no-talking rule that stems from theatre going!

Explore Its Incredible History

Arlington has one of the most complicated and detailed histories of the entire country, so when people visit, they should expect to learn at least one thing.  This doesn’t mean you have to hit the books or visit every museum possible: learn while exploring the outside world.  Many monuments and historical landmarks are laid out in a way to allow you to follow the steps of those who walked these grounds hundreds of years ago.  Knowing the history that built this town and this country can be a great way to learn to enjoy the here and now.

Have Free Entertainment Outside

Arlington is proud of its summertime live entertainment.  Music in the park and free theatre are available to anyone who wants to lounge in the grass and enjoy it.  Locals bring their seating, but the park is well maintained enough that you don’t need a chair or blanket to be comfortable.

Make dinner and a show out of it by packing your meal or picking up something locally to enjoy.  The performances are different every weekend, so don’t be shy about going back time and time again.

Hike, Walk, Bike: Forgo Cars

Although most people don’t see exercise as a form of entertainment, it’s much more than some simple chore we should have to put up with.  Getting out into the world and exploring what it has to offer while you’re helping your body work better and be stronger can be powerful.

Arlington has multiple trails for any exercise that interests you.

You can enjoy Windy Run Park for shorter hikes, which twists and travels along a river, offering an hour or two of fresh air and a calming atmosphere.  For something that needs a little more effort, and you can decide the length of, consider trying the Potomac Overlook Regional Park!  This park has multiple trails, ranging from complex to simple, and you’ll never want to leave!

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