3 ways to make money online, without a big outlay!

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People being about to make money online has been around for a while, however, the whole covid situation has just enhanced this market as more people look to increase their earnings from home. There are literally hundreds of ways to make money online and they don’t all require you to sign up to a selling scheme.

For many people, their businesses start out as an idea and then grow from there. It can be daunting at first with so many thoughts running through your mind but don’t be put off. Do your market research first into your idea, will it sell, what is the price, what is the cost price, can you make a good return profit. When you are looking into these, also consider the time it will take you, it’s great making £5 profit on a product but not if it takes you 3 hours to make! Also don’t be put off by all the other brands selling, just do it your way.

One business venture I have been considering is digital products known as printable, these take a little bit of time for you to plan and produce. Once this work is done though, you can sell these easily with minimal effort on places such as Etsy. It is a passive way to make money online, you can pretty much let this one run itself once the hard work has been completed.

Here are my 3 product ideas to make money online.

  1. Letters from Santa – We all know that Christmas is a magical time of the year and also one where people are willing to spend money! Why not use a beautiful font such as these from this handwritten font website and create a magical letter from Santa. This can then just be amended by your customer for their child’s name and whether they have been naughty or nice. It doesn’t need to stop there though, you could create a letter from the Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy!
  2. Meal planning templates – Weekly meal plans have become popular over the last few years and many people like to have it up on their fridge to share with the household. You could create a few fancy meal planning templates which people can download and use. Once you have the basic outline of the meal plan, you can use this to create a variety of designs. These can vary from the latest popular themes to seasonal if you would like to increase your reach.
  3. Weight loss tracker – Again, these are hugely popular, especially with many of us putting on a few pounds over the lockdown period. You can buy books to track weight loss and various other trackers, but for some people, they just want to see it in black and white pinned up on the fridge. Again, once you have the basic template for this, you can get as creative as you like in making these, and then all you need to do is pop them online.

None of these printables will make you rich if you sell just 1 item, however, they would be a great source of passive income when you have your store set up. The more products you have, the greater your audience reach will be too. If over time you are able to build your portfolio up to cover a wide range of events throughout the year you should be able to make a nice little passive income.

If you are considering making money from home, why not check out our other suggestions on this blog post. I’d love to hear your business ideas if you have started your own business or are thinking about it.

3 ways to make money online, without a big outlay!

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