What is our actual financial aim?

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on our journey, how far we’ve come and how far we’ve got to go. When we stop and take time to let it all sink in, it seems like such a big aim we have.

When you add it all up, that amount we want to pay off in the next 20 years, is pretty daunting and somewhat scary. This is not just a case of wanting to clear our debts though, this is about the rest of our lives.

I read a tweet today that hit home, it says the retirement age is 68 and the average life expectancy in the UK is 79 so you have 11 years to enjoy your retirement. By the time I get to 68  I would have been working for 44 years and I sure as hell want to enjoy more than 11 years of retirement.

That is why our journey is so important to us both, we have worked our arses off throughout the last 21 years so far and although I know retirement is a long way off, if I can work a little harder now to give me a few more years of retirement to enjoy then I sure as hell am going to.

Our financial aim is not just to clear our debt though, it is to give us the financial freedom to live the retirement we want. This is not about having a life of luxury for us though, we would just like to be able to retire without being dependant on anyone. It would be nice that in our retirement, any needs that we may have due to health and age can be covered by our savings. I don’t want to become dependant on our children or the government.

We’ve got to this point in our lives by building it ourselves, I am not going to change that any time soon.

Do you have any financial aims?

What is our actual financial aim?

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