Making money from surveys

I have mentioned previously about how I am willing to give other revenue incomes a try and that includes surveys.

Now if you have never heard of making money from surveys before, let me just briefly explain the concept. There are a whole host of websites out there where you can complete online surveys for a monetary reward. Now there are few variables that come with these sites, this includes the survey lengths and the rewards you may receive.

I’ve been doing surveys on and off for a few years and although I have never encountered any problems with them, personally I no longer do them. I’m not telling you this to put you off, I just find around my 9-5 job, the chances of getting on enough surveys are a bit too slim to make it worth the effort. However, if you would still like to give them a go, here are the pro’s and cons for doing them.

Pros –

  • Easy to do – Once you are signed up to the site, keep the current survey page open and sign up for any you see.
  • No outlay – This does not require you to spend any money to earn money.
  • Payment – Some sites allow you to be paid in vouchers which is great if you are using the income to save for something specific.

Cons –

  • Not a get rich quick scheme – This is a slow and steady income, you get between 20p – £1.50 a survey so it can take a while to build a pot.
  • It’s not ideal around work – If you work during the day, you are likely to miss out on a lot of the surveys during the day as they fill up very quickly.
  • Ties you to your computer – In order to capture the best survey’s it does rely on you need to be near your computer most of the day as like I mentioned above they fill up quickly.

If you are still looking to give them a go, here are some of the more popular sites to try out:

  1. Prolific – This is the one I had the most success with.
  2. Populis – Another popular site.
  3. LifePoints – I’ve not tried this site but it is one I have heard of before.

The purpose of this post is not to put you off earning extra money via surveys if it works for you that is great. I would encourage anyone to give these a go and see how they get on with them, it was just not something that worked for me personally.

Making money from surveys

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