Can Karndean Vinyl save me money?

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Money is as precious as time and energy and we want to ensure that whenever we spend either, it’s for the right thing. We also want to save as much of each as we can.

Would it surprise you to learn that Karndean click vinyl flooring can provide ease on not one, but all three?


Luxury vinyl flooring can save on time in several areas. The first being the installation.

Should you choose to install yourself, it is not going to be a laborious exercise. It’s so easy to install that it feels more like a weekend exercise than an excessive chore to achieve a professional look. Having it cut to size with measured pieces also saves time on cutting up sections to fit, giving you a straightforward connecting floor on the first try.

Can Karndean Vinyl Save Me Money?


Yes, vinyl flooring is a replicated product, which means the vinyl option is a much cheaper alternative to real hardwood flooring and offers an indistinguishable look.

Real wood and stone floors are expensive and replacing sections over time can also be an added undesired expense.  Those looking to reign in the purse strings on their budget can not only save on the costs associated with hiring a professional to install, but also save on repairs to the floor where individual pieces can be replaced incredibly cheaply and without damage or disruption.


One of the most appealing aspects of Karndean vinyl such as its Da Vinci range is the easy to clean option eliminating the need for specialist cleaning products or solutions.

With a manufactured design that includes anti-scratch, stain and moisture resistance you can simply clean any food, liquid or mud problems without leaving any marks or threats of discolouration. Most cleaning only requires either a warm soapy sponge or mop to clean up any incidents, saying goodbye to those costs to gloss over or erase.

With no threat of water leaking through to the subfloor or humidity causing planks or tiles to rise, vinyl offers a genuine guarantee of being durable for longer.

Karndean Design

There are many different styles, palettes, colours and options to choose from when it comes to Karndean vinyl and not every homeowner is skilled in the knowledge of how to match their flooring options together. This is where discussing with a supplier to discover the right range for you is advised.

Whatever you are looking to save; be it time, expenditure or effort, luxury vinyl tile flooring provides in each area and enough security for the future with a product that stands tall.


Can Karndean Vinyl Save Me Money?

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