Side hustles to boost your income

One thing I’ve learnt on our journey so far is there are lots of ways to save money and cut your outgoings. However, I always find that you need to find the right balance between investing time to the rewards.

For example, if I am planning to invest a few hours into some side hustles a day, I want to be making at least the minimum wage to make it worth my time. This is not to say I don’t look at other options, however, one thing I am limited on every day is time so I need to ensure that the time I am spending is well invested. This is not to say other ways of making money is not a great source of income, they are just not suitable for me currently.

Side hustles to boost your income

If you are looking at ways to boost your income, here are a few options that I use each month:

  1. Selling items no longer needed – We’ve all been there, we start having an organisation of our home, wondering how we ended up with so many things in our house. There are lots of ways to clear out the junk (that is worth selling!) including using Facebook Marketplace, eBay and Gumtree. There is also usually lots of groups for the area you live in on Facebook which allows you to sell.
  2. Matched betting – I know I have mentioned this before, however, if you have not tried it please check out this guide. I started this back when we were down to 1 salary and it made a huge difference to our monthly income. My top tip for this is to walk before you can run, too many people try to rush through this which can cause mistakes to happen and sometimes those mistakes cost you money.
  3. Blogging – Over the years I have been able to increase my income from blogging which has been great. Just don’t be fooled though, it was not a quick overnight money maker. It takes time to establish your blog and start making contacts to earn extra money. There are lots of success stories from people making money within a few months, which is great. I just want people to be aware that this does not always happen.
  4. Cashback – Ok technically you can’t go out and make extra money just off this, however, if you are spending money on items anyway make sure you try and get cashback as you go along, here is more on how to do that.
  5. Surveys – This is one that I tend to not do as much, just dip in and out during the day. Surveys are a great way to make a little extra cash but it is small pockets of money slowly. So, it is a great way to boost the income but not one to rely on.

There are lots of other ways to boost your income, however, these are a few options that I work on throughout the week. Of course, some weeks some do better than others but that is fine, the key to it is having multiple income sources to help boost the income.

Side hustles to boost your income

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